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facial care

Every skin is different. That is why a thorough skin analysis is carried out to find optimal tailor-made skin care.

Dermalogica The face treatment - 60min.

Double cleansing, peeling, removal of impurities, serum, massage, mask, eye care, care, foundation if desired.

Microzone Treatment - 30 min.

Double cleansing, peeling, mask and aftercare. Ideal for men and women with little time.

Rainpharma Basic - 30 min.

A complete cleansing, scrub, mask and nourishing cream. Go for fast, but efficient skin care and get to know Rainpharma's products.

Full facial care – 60 min.

The double cleansing, scrub, facial massage and a tailor-made mask completely with a view to skin improvement are a must in this comprehensive care. In addition, the complete aftercare.

RainPharma skin system

It is a unique feel good skin care program that lasts 2 months that beautifies the skin from the inside out as well as from the outside.

Orthomolecular nutritional supplements provide the skin with the necessary vitamins and minerals. The extra proteins are used as building blocks for healthy skin. The natural care products cleanse and nourish the skin. In addition, they bring an uncomfortable or impure skin back into balance.

The better you follow the program, the better the result. That goes without saying. You can also combine the program with professional facial treatments. As a qualified skin care specialist, I pamper your skin weekly for 2 months or every 2 weeks.

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