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Rug massage

Men can come to me for

  • Pedicure

  • manicure

  • Massage

  • Full facial care

  • Permanent hair removal

  • Hair Removal (Eyebrows, armpits, full back (incl. shoulders), torso, lower legs & knees and full legs)

New at BeautyMaster

The Shave Collection from MEN3 with the best products for every skin type.

Pre Shave Gel

The MEN3 Pre-Shave is a pleasant gel that prepares your skin for the perfect shave. Not only do you shave closer, but also easier and without cuts.

Shaving Cream

The MEN3 Shaving Cream was mainly developed for men with problems in the beard area such as eczema, dry flakes, itching, redness, dermatitis and even has a beneficial effect on psoriasis.


The MEN3 Aftershave is a soft balm, alcohol-free and without parabens or mineral oils, also suitable for men with an extremely sensitive or irritated skin as well as eczema, flakes, dermatitis and psoriasis.

Shave Men3.jpg

Do you want to know which products are the best for you?

Whatever your skin type, we recommend the Pre-Shave gel. For the gel, first use a scrub. Afterwards you use the Schaving Cream and finally the After Shave. You can always contact me for extra advice for optimal use of the products

What is bothering you?

For redness, cuts and irritations, it is best to use the Pre-Shave Gel and then apply the Soothing Shave Cream. This is also the best solution for ingrown hairs and razor bumps.

Do you shave electric?

We recommend the Scrub, then an After Shave and a good day/night cream. Around five o'clock your beard is already coming through or you have a heavy, stiff beard. Then Shaving Cream is the right product.

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