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The name says it all. Pure, pure, natural and healthy, with a touch of self-confidence and luxury. Luxury indeed… that is what radiates. In this way, the luxury of beautiful, healthy skin becomes achievable for everyone.

The modern woman is consciously concerned with health in all its forms. Not only sports and nutrition, but also skincare and make-up. All of these products are closely scrutinized because everything you use has an impact on your body.

Caroline Rigo believes that every woman has the right to a healthy and happy life, with easy, beautiful and healthy make-up. When she realized that women in her makeup chair really needed this, but couldn't find a single brand that could provide an answer, she knew she had to make something herself. This is how Cent Pur Cent was created in the medical world and pharmacy.

Moreover, the demand for healthy and natural make-up also increased every day within the beauty world. In this way a new, pure and natural make-up line was born:

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