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Crystal Clear Crystal Clear, is the facial treatment for many stars.

What is Crystal Clear?

Microdermabrasion Crystal Clear microdermabrasion is a treatment in which micro-crystals are projected onto the skin. This creates a new skin. This treatment is suitable for fine lines, light pigmentation spots, acne lesions, dull and impure skin. This method is also used in centers for ex-burn patients to restore the skin and give them a little more self-confidence. So it is more than a regular facial care.

The treatment of the stars.

Crystal Clear microdermabrasion is known worldwide as the celebrities' favorite treatment. Crystal Clear microdermabrasion has quickly become one of the most talked about facial treatments, mainly because it is a safe and controlled method of smoothing the skin and scraping the outer layers of skin. Crystal Clear is here to stay, one of the most reliable facial treatments for years.

When are we going to use Crystal Clear?

It is an exceptional and progressive treatment against skin aging, fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, comedones (black dots), dull or oily skin, pigmentation, scars, acne lesions and stretch marks. The treatments are suitable for every skin type and for every skin color.

What happens during a treatment?

After cleaning the skin and removing any make-up, the handpiece of the Crystal Clear machine is placed on the skin. Then microscopic crystals are projected onto the skin surface. Thanks to the speed with which they are projected and their abrasive properties, the crystals gently remove the top layers of skin layer by layer. Used crystals and the scraped skin particles are sucked away by a vacuum cleaner. This method allows a controlled exfoliation of the skin: new skin appears that feels soft and radiates freshness. In addition, skin irregularities are also corrected. The combination of the vacuum piston and the scraping stimulates the micro-circulation (blood supply). This improves the exchange of nutrients that the skin needs and stimulates the fibroblasts necessary for collagen regeneration (skin rejuvenation). After the treatment, a cooling, anti-aging, purifying or caring mask is applied and time is made for the aftercare.

How often do you come for treatment?

Even after the first treatment, the results are already visible. Of course, a more problematic skin requires several consecutive treatments. The absolute minimum number of consecutive treatments is five, with a frequency of one per week. Ten treatments is a more realistic estimate. However, people with deep wrinkles or acne lesions may require twenty to thirty treatments. After the course of treatment, you must repeat the treatment once a month if you want to maintain the results obtained. But: a one-off treatment is also indicated, as a good deep cleansing of the skin. Everyone looks fresher, smoother and younger after 1 treatment.

What should I do at home to promote results?

Crystal Clear is a skin improvement system. It doesn't just stop from single treatments. But it is very important that you use the four Crystal Clear basic products for home use and aftercare between treatments. This improves the results and you need fewer treatments in total.

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