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This oil-based cleanser attracts impurities like a magnet. Waterproof make-up, pollutants from the air, leftover sunscreen and excess sebum don't stand a chance!

Advanced Precleanser

PriceFrom €11.33

Precious oils from jojoba, apricot, sea buckthorn, olive, avocado and almonds thoroughly cleanse even the most sensitive skin without drying it out or disrupting its natural balance. In addition, this premium facial cleanser is completely plant-based and preservative-free.

Apply to your dry face and massage well. The oil from the cleanser will mix with the oil on your skin. By adding water you transform the cleaner
in a cleansing milk and you can easily wash away all impurities. Use this oil twice a day for a
calm and perfectly clean skin.

RainPharma facial products do not contain cheap fillers but are bursting with quality, active ingredients. So you can be very frugal with it. Water is not a key ingredient in this formula, which is very unique and precious.

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Free from aggressive preservatives
  • Not tested on animals

100% vegetable and natural origin. No nasties.

Put your classic care products aside and opt for the natural approach. You immediately feel the beneficial effect on your skin, after a while you also see the first long-term results: a calm and glowing skin. The best version of yourself. Sometimes your skin needs some time to kick the habit of the chemicals you used to put on your skin.

Your RainPharma specialist will be happy to tell you more about skin improvement. For example, did you know that your skin is made up of proteins?

Our orthomolecular nutritional supplements and healthy, gut-friendly protein shakes help you build healthy, radiant skin from within, as a complement to a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle (of course!). Experience the full RainPharma effect and become our walking ambassador!

CNK 3364-171

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