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Pamper yourself and still save time. Admittedly, it sounds too good to be true, but Classic After Oil does it!

Apply this 100% vegetable aromatic skin oil in the shower to wet skin and then rinse briefly. Pat dry, dress and you're done. Your skin is supple and soft as satin without feeling greasy. The invigorating scent of fresh citrus fruits gives you an instant cheerful boost. No wonder that Classic After Oil has been RainPharma's public favorite for years.

Classic After Oil

PriceFrom €24.95

Do you know the story behind Classic After Oil?
At RainPharma, we are inspired by beauty rituals from around the world. And sometimes we get to know them directly thanks to one of our cheerful and colorful team.

Classic After Oil takes you to the Caribbean, more specifically to the fairytale Colombian city of Cartagena, birthplace of Eric. The temperature here is 30 degrees all year round. In combination with the salty sea air, this often results in dry skin. In addition, the dark skin of the Colombians takes on a grayish tint when dry. That is why the proud coastal inhabitants of the Caribbean apply a special skin oil every day in the shower. It makes their skin beautifully shiny and young.

As children, Colombians learn this custom from their mother and they in turn pass it on to their own offspring. When Eric told us about this beautiful ritual, we wanted to share it with you too. The result is Classic After Oil, RainPharma's absolute public favorite for 10 years now. The ELLE Beauty Award for must-have product in 2020 proves that this topper really makes everyone's heart beat faster.

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