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This Bonjour Bonsoir Sleeping Box is your ticket to dreamland.

RainPharma selected three products and two stylish accessories for a wonderful night's sleep, the ultimate beauty sleep and a gentle awakening moment.

The Bonsoir Therapy Shower Wash washes the day away and wraps you in a soft, harmonious rest in the evening. The Bonjour Therapy Shower Wash gives you the fresh, energetic start you need in the morning.

Sleep is the beauty aid par excellence. After all, a good night's sleep makes your skin glow again immediately. With the right RainPharma Remedy you give nature a helping hand. This box contains the Clever Night Remedy which contains the ultimate rejuvenation formula.

Give your night that extra something with the must-have sleeping mask and earplugs.

Sleeping box Good night

€39.00 Regular Price
€31.20Sale Price

For these luxurious plant-based shower gels, RainPharma has put together two precious blends based on the finest, most exclusive essential oils known for their warming and calming or stimulating and uplifting properties. In addition, these Shower Washes are packed with natural powerhouses that are body for you. skin. That makes them a unique fragrant sensation for your senses and pure indulgence for your body.

The all-in-one night care, Clever Night Remedy, leaves your skin feeling silky soft and young after the first night. No wonder it won the Belgian Beauty Award. For the ultimate beauty sleep, let the magical formula work in overnight.
Maybe 2 golden tips here: To protect your pillow you can use the Beauty Sleep Cover. Do you also want to continue the magic of the night during the day? Then go for the Fine Day Fluid, a premium facial serum for the day that you apply under your day cream.

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