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Clever Night Remedy is the ultimate anti-aging formula and a revolution in cosmetics. This all-in-one night care leaves your skin feeling silky soft and young from the first application.

Clever Night Remedy


Our search for a natural and effective formula in the fight against skin aging led us to the very best ingredients. Rejuvenating oils from rosehip, sea buckthorn, argan, jojoba and tamanu form the basis. We added rose water and no less than ten essential oils, including exclusive rose oil, all of which contribute to the fight against wrinkles. Luxurious active ingredients such as molecules from raspberry kernels and extracts from the Uapace Bojeri tree from Madagascar, the honey tree and grapevines give mature skin a relaxed, rested look. A special and high-dose extract of red algae, arginine and lysine softens wrinkles and gives a temporary lifting effect. Linoleic acid, linolenic acid and extracts from the swamp plant Elephant Ear ensure optimal hydration of the skin. White tea extracts contribute to a bright appearance and combat superficial pigmentation.

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