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Comforting Night Remedy is a blessing for those who suffer from dry skin. This premium fragrance-free night care helps eliminate the discomfort of dry skin on the surface of the skin.

Comforting Night Remedy

€99.95 Regular Price
€74.96Sale Price

The effective formula is particularly rich in natural ingredients that act on the NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) of the skin. Rich shea butter and caring mango and cocoa butters grease the skin. Other vegetable oils also contribute to this: Inca Inchi, monoi, wheat germ and macadamia oil. Thanks to their exceptional fatty acid profiles, these butters and oils are a pure blessing for dry skin. Natural ceramides from raspberries, wheat germ extracts from wheatgrass and highly moisturizing extracts from beetroot are the perfect complement. Finally, to refresh dry skin, we added floral waters from lavender and chamomile.

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