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The fruits of the mandarin tree were a traditional gift among the Chinese Mandarins. The sweetest citrus oil is obtained by cold pressing the mandarin peels. The sweet fresh but herbaceous scent has an uplifting effect. A cheerful, sunny oil that appeals to children, but also the child in each of us.

Choose it neat or as a Room Spray.

Essential Oil Mandarin

PriceFrom €23.95

They contain the life force of the plant that we perceive as scent. Many therapeutic properties are attributed to essential oils: their intense scents stimulate, invigorate or calm us. They are a special and precious gift from nature.

A bottle contains about 600 drops. Use them in the RainPharma Aroma Diffuser, let them evaporate in a scent burner or make your own home perfume with them. For ultimate relaxation, add a few drops to a warm bath.

RainPharma essential oil is of an extra pure premium quality.

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Free from aggressive preservatives
  • Not tested on animals

100% essential oil.

Ingredients: citrus reticuata peel oil

CNK 3703-428

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