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Exceptional Hand & Nail Cream is a rich, plant-based formula that gives your hands and nails everything they need. Natural and effective literally go hand in hand.

Exceptional Hand & Nail Cream

€23.95 Regular Price
€21.56Sale Price

We selected ingredients that nourish and care for your skin immediately and intensely. Your hands don't feel greasy, so you can get back to work right away. A blend of natural pure essential oils from real herbs and plants treats you to a citrus-fresh scent with spicy undertones.

Exceptional Hand & Nail Cream nourishes, soothes, smoothes and protects. An extract from wild-growing daisies supports an even skin tone and reduces superficial age spots. Beetroot extracts prevent dehydration by supporting the skin's barrier function, increasing suppleness and elasticity. The poriacoco mushroom and cane extracts are calming and soothe irritations. Organic calendula oil, arnica oil, wheat germ oil and evening primrose oil nourish the skin and are the ultimate ally in the fight against chilblains. They form a shield against external aggressions and protect dry, brittle nails.

Use: Massage well several times a day on dry hands, nails and cuticles. Use for at least 28 days.

Think-Pink and RainPharma join forces in the fight against breast cancer. The Belgian beauty label has developed a completely vegetable hand cream, the proceeds of which go entirely to Think-Pink. At the same time, more attention is demanded
for the use of natural ingredients in skin care. By buying this special hand cream, you can make a difference!

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