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Fall in love with your new natural care with the Queen of Hearts set from GLOV and feel like a real queen when removing your makeup!

There's only one queen, but in the GLOV Queen of Hearts set, you'll find no less than 7 charming, reusable, heart-shaped cosmetic pads that will remove your makeup with just water or your favorite makeup remover. The pads are perfect for cleansing all skin types, even the most sensitive. Their unique shape allows you to remove make-up even in the most difficult to reach places. The pads are packed in a handy red pouch, which is not only perfect for storing pads.

GLOV Queen of Hearts

PriceFrom €10.39

GLOV step-by-step plan

  • Wet with lukewarm water.
  • Press GLOV against the skin for a few seconds and gently remove the make-up with circular movements
  • Clean the glove with the Magnet or with some soap
  • Let dry and use again.
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