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Glowing Sugar Cane Scrub has it all. This exceptional body scrub combines efficient care with pure indulgence.

Glowing Sugar Cane Scrub


The vegetable formula contains raw cane sugar, wheat germ oil, macadamia oil and vegetable waxes that cleanse, exfoliate and then embalm your body. Your skin has never been so pure, soft, smooth and cared for!

We leave the choice of fragrance to you. Choose your favorite from the 20 premium essential oils of the Aromatherapy Essentials line and create your personal body scrub. Add 2 pipettes for a subtle scent, 4 for a moderate scent and 6 for an intense scent (1 pipette = +/- 1 ml). Then mix everything well with a spatula or spoon until you get a homogeneous mixture. Do you have very sensitive skin? Then it is best to use this scrub neat.

Apply Glowing Sugar Cane Scrub in the shower to wet, warm skin. Massage thoroughly, using circular motions, then rinse with warm water. Close the lid after use so that no water gets into the pot.

ricinus communis seed oil/rhus verniciflua peel cera/rhus succedanea fruit cera/ascorbyl palmitate/tocopherol, sucrose,caprylylcapryl glycoside/aqua/polyglyceryl-5 oleate/sodium cocoyl glutamate/glyceryl caprylate/citric acid, macademia integrtolia vul nut oil, oil, caprylic/capric triglyceride, d-alpha-tocopherol.

CNK 3703-543

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