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Vegetarian protein-rich snack with a neutral taste, pure or to pimp yourself.

Golden Shakes

PriceFrom €1.50

This vegetarian protein-rich snack is made from the very best whey proteins. It contains no gluten or casein, but also no preservatives or other unnecessary substances. Without added sugars and sweeteners. Completely pure and neutral. Mix with our other shakes for a smoother taste, add to your fresh soup or make your own smoothies. If you don't like flavours, you can also drink this shake neat. RainPharma shakes are specially designed for our slimming, skin and sports programs. That is why we only use the best and purest ingredients. Ordinary and extraordinary.

Snack with naturally present sugars, without flavourings, colorings or sweeteners, rich in proteins, of which the energetic value is 103 kcal per serving of 26 grams.

CONTENT per pack
17 measuring spoons of 26 g.
1 serving = 1 measuring spoon = 26 g.
1 serving provides 20 g of protein.
This pack contains 17 servings.

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