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No more traces of time.
Your face will glow with natural well-being thanks to this fundamental volume care, which focuses on basic care for your skin.

LM Serum Booster anti-aging with mucus and snail eggs

€59.80 Regular Price
€41.86Sale Price

Serum Booster anti-aging

This booster will surprise you with its anti-aging and anti-stain action.

Used in healing, it strengthens your epidermal protection. Time has no effect on your skin and the spots fade...

The active snail glue is rich in allantoin, collagen and elastin with
antioxidant properties, repairs and helps smooth your skin.

The fluid and rich texture will have an immediate restorative stimulating effect.

Composition: 70% snail slime, freeze-dried snail eggs "HelixCaviar", mimosa tenuiflora, lily and lavender extract, rosemary extract, cypress, squash oil.

  • 92.6% natural
  • Paraben free
  • Pump bottle without air 30 ml
  • All skin types

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