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Perfect kit for any traveler to keep their skin clean and beautiful. Doesn't matter where you go! It contains: GLOV On-The-Go, GLOV Magnet Cleanser Stick, GLOV Quick Treat, a suction cup hook and a travel kit. Imagine how light your hand luggage is without all the makeup products you normally take with you. Leave your cosmetics at home and use the space to pack an extra dress…or five.

GLOV Travel Set

€20.99 Regular Price
€16.79Sale Price

The make-up removal kit is aimed at all skin types. The ideal pre-bed care for the skin that consists of:

  • GLOV On-The-Go: for hassle-free make-up removal
  • GLOV Quick Treat: for make-up corrections
  • GLOV Magnet Cleanser: to clean the GLOV fibers and your makeup brushes
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