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Shaving Like a Gentleman - with a cutting-edge rendition of the instrument your grandfather already used - saves you a lot of money, is easy to handle and results in a perfectly smooth and clean look.

This stainless steel Open Razor - also known as an open blade or barber knife - uses interchangeable blades, making it much more skin-friendly and hygienic than the time-honored Straight Razor. Moreover, you do not have to have the high-quality barber skills of the professional barber.

Open Razor


Your chosen double edge blades also fit perfectly in a Shavette, which you simply break in the middle before removing them from the paraffin paper.

The MEN³Shavette is the top class of the Parker company, which has been the global market leader in innovation, quality and design since 1973. The looks of this authentic razor, combined with an ideal grip and easy-to-place interchangeable blades, make it super popular and highly sought after by professional barbers. Also ideal for putting on sideburns and goatee.

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