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Pure Nature by Pascale Naessens x RainPharma Blend is a fragrant blend of the purest essential oils, carefully composed by Pascale Naessens and bottled with love and craftsmanship by RainPharma. The blend combines earthy, spicy and floral notes: a special combination of scents that makes you happy and provides indoor fun.

Pure Nature Skin Wash Vetiver

PriceFrom €14.96

Pascale chose fixed RainPharma values such as Geranium, Ylang Ylang and Lavender and seasoned with Vetiver and Black Pepper. The result is a powerful yet elegant and feminine scent, completely matching Pascale's character.

- Vetiver, originally an Indian grass, provides the earthy notes. This essential oil promotes skin regeneration while its powerful fragrance encourages grounding.

- The warming scent of Black Pepper, one of the oldest spices in the world, transitions between the earthy and floral notes. With its powerful yet refined, slightly floral aroma, black pepper provides positive energy.

- Finally, the floral notes support the feminine playfulness of this blend. Geranium and Lavender bring you peace and balance. The sweet touch of Ylang Ylang adds a seductive and pungent accent.

Pure Nature by Pascale Naessens x RainPharma Blend is the 24th fragrance in RainPharma's Aromatherapy Essentials collection and is available both as a 100% vegetable Skin Wash (for hands and body), as a pure essential oil (ideal in the RainPharma Aroma Diffuser) and as a handy ready-to-use Room Spray.

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