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A tasty protein-rich snack with the pure taste of slightly bitter chocolate, for the real cocoa lovers.

Raw Chocolate


This fiber-rich vegetarian protein-rich snack is made from the very best whey proteins. It contains no gluten or casein, but also no preservatives or other unnecessary substances. We prefer naturally occurring sugars and use plant-based sweeteners. This pure simplicity ensures the delicious, not too sweet taste of our shakes. RainPharma shakes are specially designed for our slimming, skin and sports programs. That is why we only use the best and purest ingredients. Ordinary and extraordinary.

Snack with sweetener from Stevia and naturally present sugars and with the taste of CHOCOLATE, rich in proteins, the energy value of which is 112 kcal per 30 gram portion.

CONTENT per pack
51 measuring spoons of 10 g.
1 serving = 3 measuring spoons = 30 g.
1 serving provides 19 g of protein.
This pack contains 17 servings.

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