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A sophisticated scented home is a home where you and your friends and family feel completely at home. Create your own natural home perfume and perfume your home with delicate scents.

Make your own Room Spray with the essential oil and Natural Room Spray Liquid .

Cream Spray Bottle

€4.95 Regular Price
€3.96Sale Price

Mix 10 ml of your favorite premium essential oil with 90 ml of organic alcohol (at the
drugstore or pharmacy). Soothing lavender for zen in the bedroom, spicy sage for a cozy living room, intensely refreshing lemongrass against odors in the kitchen or the smallest room? Essential oils give you the best that plants have to offer. In addition, each variant has its characteristic, beneficial properties. Your RainPharma
specialist will gladly guide you in your choice and also introduce you to our special blends. Only spray into the air, do not spray on the body or in the eyes. Flammable.

CNK 3445-533

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