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The MEN³ shaving cream is unique in the segment of shaving soaps in every way and is used by both the professional barber and the private person who is looking for the ultimate shaving sensation with a long-lasting smooth result . This shaving cream was mainly developed for men with problems in the beard area such as eczema, dry flakes, itching, redness, dermatitis and even has a beneficial effect on psoriasis . This shaving cream is therefore also suitable for all sensitive skin types. The perfume is hypoallergenic and distinctly masculine with notes of sandalwood, leather and amber.

shave cream

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MEN3 Shaving Cream in bullet points

  • Closer shave without irritations and cuts.
  • Mainly developed for men with dry flakes, eczema, psoriasis, itching and extreme redness at the beard and therefore suitable for ANY man with or without sensitive skin.
  • MEN ³ formulas are 100% pure, organic and hypoallergenic.
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