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The right shaving brush plays a major role in traditional wet shaving.

The big advantage of the MEN3 shaving brush is that it can absorb a lot of water, making it much easier to foam and distribute a shaving cream than with a brush made with synthetic hair. Since the MEN3 shaving cream contains a lot of nourishing and healing oils such as Babassu and Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), this shaving brush is highly recommended.

Shaving Brush


The MEN³ Shaving Brush with black horsehair is the affordable alternative to "Silvertip Badger" (the most expensive and rarest form of badger hair) and is unique in its kind. The manufacture is a long process and is the secret of our supplier who has been a worldwide market leader in the manufacture of Luxury Shaving Brushes for years.

Good news for animal lovers too. The black horse hair is cut from the mane and partly the tail of a black purebred horse that is mainly found in South America, Arabia and in some parts of Spain. So no animal cruelty!

Tip: The horsehair is always sterilized beforehand. That's why a new brush - just like a badger hair brush - can have a peculiar smell. It is therefore advisable to first thoroughly clean your brush with water and shaving cream. After about 3 uses, the smell is completely gone.

The MEN3 shaving brush can last for several years if you maintain it correctly and let it dry.

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