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The Smart Nutrition Project can be used for various reasons
turn into. Either way, the end goal is the same: a better version of yourself.

  • As a detox moment in between, to purify your body and get more energy again
  • In preparation for your holiday or another important moment when you would rather lose those few extra pounds
  • To support slimming and firming treatments, such as anti-cellulite treatments
  • As a supplement during exercise, with a view to slimming

Each box has a different price depending on the shake it contains.

Smart Nutrition Project

PriceFrom €166.00

Are your favorite pants just a little too tight? Has your skin looked better yet? Or have you been eating and drinking too enthusiastically (and too unhealthy) lately?

You don't feel like being on a strict diet. After all, you don't want to deny yourself everything. But you do want to put a stop to it. The time to give yourself (and your body) a fresh start!

The Smart Nutrition Project is also available for those who have completed the RainPharma diet. It's an easy and efficient way to keep control of the new weight: as a weight-maintenance support or as a short interlude when you've gone out of the corner.

This affordable box (you save no less than 15% compared to the individual prices) is the boost you need. A clear and efficient way to lose those extra pounds without going hungry. Get started independently with the easy program or let yourself be guided at the point of sale where you bought this box.

In this box you will find a number of handy tools for a sensible detox, without committing robbery on your body. Combine them with a healthy, balanced diet and you are sure of the best results.

Now break with your old, bad food habits. Our tips and your efforts are the key to a stronger, healthier body.

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