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SOS Barrier Face Repair Rescue is an ultra-repairing facial lotion for sensitive, reactive or dehydrated skin. The anhydrous formula not only improves the appearance of the skin, but also helps it repair and become stronger.

SOS - Barrier Face Repair Rescue

SKU: 8185932569404

SOS Barrier Face Repair Rescue is an exceptional formula based on active soothing botanicals. The water-free lotion lends a helping hand to the complex nature of your skin by supporting the good bacteria and placing a velvety soft protective layer on the skin. This contributes to the reduction of the visible signs of problematic skin and supports the skin to become more resistant to external influences.

SOS Barrier Face Repair Rescue is an unparalleled lotion that cares for, protects and soothes your face and makes your skin silky soft. Your skin is having a hard time, so wish them only the very best. Bet you'll be best friends again soon?

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