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Freshen Down is a super smart and highly effective natural foot deodorant that puts an end to sweaty feet and the associated unpleasant odors.

This way you are sure of fresh and healthy feet day in and day out, winter and summer. Also inhibits the formation of calluses on the feet. I am so happy that some housemates are now walking around the house with fresh feet.

Sun Set Freshen Down

€119.85 Regular Price
€79.90Sale Price

Apply 2 to 3 times a day on clean and dry feet and between the toes and do not rinse (wash your feet first with Skin Wash Sage or Peppermint). For example, apply Freshen Down in the morning after getting up, in the afternoon when you get home and in the evening before going to bed. Always wear clean socks. In the long run you will reduce and 2 times a day will suffice until eventually 1 time a day. Are you not bothered by odors? Then 1 time a day in the morning on clean and dry feet is sufficient.

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